Parent Resources & Links

Parent Resources & Links


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Michigan Child Protection Registry

The Michigan Child Protection Registry was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 2004 as a do-not-contact service for Michigan families. The Michigan Child Protection Registry is a free, state administered program that allows Michigan's families to protect their households from adult-oriented messages.  Frequently Asked Questions

Food Services

Menus for Breakfast, Lunch, Supper

Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) 

Parent Teacher Committee on Facebook 

Staff Websites

Computers Labs: Discovery Dragon Weebly

Music: Mr. Coniff

Library: Media/Collaboration Center

Young 5's:  Mr. Snyder

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Berkobien (Deachin)  Ms. Long  Ms. Quebbeman   Ms. Stachowiak

1st Grade: Ms. Kresnak  Ms. Mueller   Mrs. Proudfit   Ms. Renaud

2nd Grade: Mrs. Bird   Mrs. Darrow  Mrs. Faught   Ms. Kudsin   

3rd Grade: Mrs. Gauthier   Ms. Sattler  Mrs. Tollas  Mrs. Victor

4th Grade: Ms. Gillesie  Ms. Inclan  Mrs. Patrick  Mrs. Rock  Mr. Westra

5th Grade: Mrs. Barbour   Ms. Gilhoran  Mrs. Kowal   Mrs. Tidd 


2019-2020 Discovery Elementary Student Handbook      

Other Resources

2019-2020 Supply List for Grades Y5-2

2019-2020 Supply List for Grades 3-5

2019-2020 Activities Calendar 

School Improvement Summary

Cyber Safety Links

Internet Safety - from

Smart Social - Find the good and the bad apps

Smart Social - Monitor the online footprint of your student

Parental control software comparison

Webinar: Why students need to build a positive online brand

The negative effects of social media

Smart Social: Digital app for parents and students

Cyber Bulling Resources

Family Online Safety Institute

Statistics on Social Media and Teen Cyber Use