Curriculum & Instruction


Kentwood Public Schools prepares their students to compete in a global economy, supporting a diversity of culture and thought. Our program is tailored to meet individual student needs, interests, and aspirations.

Our curriculum is aligned to the Michigan Department of Education's mandated Grade Level Content Expectations (G.L.C.E.) and High School Content Expectations (H.S.C.E.). District teaching staff have coordinated the written, taught, and tested curriculum through a district process which is reflective of best instructional practices and is research based.

The development and revision of Kentwood Public Schools programs and curriculum are scheduled according to a "program development cycle" which reflects the priorities established by staff, parents, and the Kentwood Public Schools School Board. Parent and student comments and suggestions are welcomed.

School Improvement Plans developed at the building and district level are the essential element of student achievement in Kentwood Public Schools. The building and district School Improvement Teams work collaboratively with parents on data to create academic goals and strategies to meet building School Improvement goals. Data from district and state level assessments are used to guide instructional decisions and to develop goals. Data is used to develop professional development plans focused on student achievement to meet our goals.


Young 5's  


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Curriculum & Instruction - Vision and Future

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Common Core State Standards

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Elementary Instructional Guidelines

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Comprehensive Needs Assessment

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3rd Grade Reading Law (Public Act 306)

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