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KDL Mission Read Program

"All of the public libraries in Kent County have teamed up with the Kent Intermediate School District and the Literacy Center of West Michigan to launch Mission Read, a reading program designed to help young and beginning readers pass new Michigan reading proficiency requirements. The mission is to read for 1,000 days before 6th grade.

Families with beginning readers (kindergarten through grade three) can sign up for Mission Read at any Kent District Library location or any Grand Rapids Public library location. For every 100 days of reading, each participant will get a planet sticker. The 500 day prize is a book and the 1,000 day prize is a digital tablet reader. Visit for more information.

Stop in your local library and get your young readers signed up today!"


All students at Bowen Elementary will be held to consistently high standards while sustaining Capturing Kids Hearts and PBiS, promoting Responsibility, Teamwork, Respect and Accountability.



As a collaborative team, we believe we are all valued as different and unique individuals.  We strive to know our kids and appreciate our differences by taking responsibility for ALL, regardless of ability or background.  We will also acknowledge our strengths and skills to maintain a cohesive team of staff and students working with parents while working towards the same goal:  to learn.



We, at Bowen, in order to nurture and foster life-long learners, will provide relevant, rigorous instruction through best practices to maintain high academic performance and cultivate an atmosphere of enthusiastic, self-motivated readers.


Bowen Elementary Staff 2017-18

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"We are the proud parents of three Bowen children, and we believe Bowen is a great school and the staff are excellent!" - The Taylor Family