Middle School Athletics

Middle School Athletics

Our Middle School athletic program builds upon the KIDS program.  Kentwood’s three Middle Schools offer 14 athletic teams.  The Middle School teams help our students make the transition to interscholastic competition by developing their leadership skills, promoting good sportsmanship, fostering teamwork, and stressing the importance of being academically successful.

Kentwood Middle Schools offers athletic opportunities for students in 7th and 8th grades.

Pre-Activity Physical Form


  • 78er Football
  • Girl's Volleyball
  • Cross Country (Boy's & Girl's)

Early Winter

  • Girl's Swimming & Diving
  • Girl's Competitive Cheer
  • Girl's Sideline Cheerleading
  • Boy's Basketball

Late Winter

  • Girl's Basketball
  • Boy's Wrestling
  • Boy's Swimming and Diving


  • Boy's and Girl's Track
  • Boy's and Girl's Tennis