Student Services

Student Services 


The Office of Student Services provides numerous support services that contribute to the district's central mission of delivering quality education to all students. Its primary function is to facilitate student success by implementing a variety of programs in compliance with school district policies. Essential responsibilities include:


  1. K-12 English Language Learners Program
  2. Multicultural Initiatives
  3. Homeless Student Assistance Program
  4. Residency Compliance and Policies
  5. School of Choice Programs
  6. Section 6 Program (student transfers)
  7. Immunization Reporting Guidelines
  8. Homebound & hospitalized Programs
  9. 504 Accommodation Plans
  10. Within District Transfers
  11. Student Discipline Process
  12. Office of Civil Rights & School Infrastructure Database Reporting
  13. Title IX (Addressing Complaints & Resolving Concerns)
  • District Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator
    Title II and Title VI Compliance Officer:
    Office of Student Services
    Kentwood Public Schools
    5820 Eastern Ave. SE
    Kentwood, MI 49508
    (616) 455-4400, Ext. 79927

The above programs and services are administered simultaneously and in coordination with the district's master calendar and in support of individual student needs.

You may contact the Student Services department by calling the administration building at 616.455.4400 and asking for the following extensions:

Student Services Secretary Judith Ford: Ext. 79927


Equal Rights

Kentwood Public Schools shall not discriminate on basis of race, religion, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, political belief, or handicap in its education programs or employment practices.